Youth Xchange 2016

And the finalists are











Mahalo to the many students and educators who participated in this year’s Youth Xchange Competition. We received 909 entries, that’s 909 important messages from Hawaii’s youth. The awards ceremony is being held at the Sheraton Waikiki Resort on Wednesday, April 27. Student and teacher finalists will receive invitations to attend.  Check out the finalists by clicking on the link below.

 2016 YXC Finalists

2016 YXC Winners
Category                                                                             Sponsor/Co-Sponsors

Be A Jerk City DCS                                                                 C&C of Honolulu, Department of Community Services

Clean Water Hero                                                                   C&C of Honolulu, Storm Water Quality Branch

Creating Peace                                                                         Rotary Club of Honolulu

Forest Health                                                                           Hawaii State, DLNR Division of Forest and Wildlife

Start Living Healthy                                                               Hawaii State, DOH HHI

Taking Assessment Seriously                                               Hawaii State, DOE Student Assessment Division

The Value of Water                                                                 Honolulu Board of Water Supply

Traffic Safety                                                                            GEICO and Hawaii State,DOH Injury Prevention Section

Meth: Not Even Once                                                             Hawaii Meth Project

                                                              2015 YXC FINALISTS

                                                              2015 YXC WINNERS




YXC 2015 Categories

Be A Jerk
Creating Peace
Expert/Jr Expert

Forest Health in Hawaii
Malama Aina
Meth Not Even Once

Start Living Healthy

Taking Assessments
The Value of Water
Traffic Safety
Mahalo to our sponsors!