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As the State’s largest student video competition, Youth Xchange continues to grow. Last year’s record breaking 804 entries was quite an accomplishment, but even more inspiring was the ever increasing quality of the entries themselves. With the encouragement of dedicated teachers, students’ creativity and focus on issues of concern is simply amazing.


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And the finalists are…


Once again, congratulations to all 2015 Youth Xchange Statewide Student Video Competition participants!  ‘Ōlelo—O‘ahu’s premiere Community (PEG) Access provider—applauds your individual and collective efforts towards advancing media literacy and video production in your schools and communities.  For this alone, you are all winners.  Keep up the great work.


Before announcing ‘Ōlelo’s 2015 Youth Xchange Video Competition Finalists, we would first like to thank our awesome volunteer judges, who are either subject matter and/or video production experts in their own rights.  They spent a great deal of a week—7 long days for some—diligently watching and fairly scoring all 892 video entries, respectively.


And now, the wait is over…here are the 2015 Youth Xchange Video Competition Finalists by category.  Congratulations!


Note:  Finalist schools will receive additional banquet information by 10:00 a.m. on Monday, April 6, 2015. 




Elementary:       “Bullying”– Pearl Ridge Elementary School

“The Test Ditcher”– Pauoa Elementary School

“The Hamburglar” – Fern Elementary School


Middle School:  “You Don’t Get A Second Chance” – Kawananakoa Middle School

“Think Before You Drink” – Mid-Pacific Institute

“Weird Loud and Proud” – Honoka’a Intermediate School


High School:     “Benefits of Physical Education” – Kauai High School

“Earth In A Year” – Mid-Pacific Institute

“A Surprise Encounter” – Waipahu High School




Elementary:       “Bottles Down, Thumbs Down, Be A Jerk”– Waipahu Elementary School

“Think Before you Drink” – Maunawili Elementary School

“Don’t buy alcohol for Underage kids” – Moanalua Elementary School


Middle School:  “(Zom) Be A Jerk” – Moanalua Middle School

“Be A Jerk” – Kamaile Academy PCS

“Give Em Root Beer” – Mid-Pacific Institute


High School:     “The Jerk” – Moanalua High School

“Stop Underage Drinking” – Leilehua High School

“Underage Drinking at Home” – Kauai High School




Elementary:       “What is Your World Full of” – Kainalu Elementary School

“Stomp cyber bullying” – Waimalu Elementary School

“Racism” – Waimalu Elementary School


Middle School:  “How To Prevent Bullying” – Niu Valley Middle School

“Keep the Chain Going” – Mid-Pacific Institute

“Stop Bullying” – Niu Valley Middle School


High School:     “The Girl In The Mirror” – Kauai High School

“He loves me not” – Kapaa High School

“Kindness is Contagious” – Aiea High School





Elementary:       “Stop Forest Fires” – Sacred Hearts Academy

“Save Hawaii Forest & Watershed” – Kainalu Elementary School

“The Invasive Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle” – Ka Waihona o ka Na’auao PCS


Middle School:  “Little Fire Ants” – Montessori School of Maui

“Coconut Rhino Beetle Traps” – Ka Waihona o ka Na‘auao PCS

“T.V. News 1: Wildfires” – Kailua Intermediate School


High School:     “Feral Pigs” – Kauai High School





Elementary:       “Malama the Aina” – Webling Elementary School

“The Recycling Team” – Fern Elementary School

“The Revenge” – Maili Elementary School


Middle School:  “Malama the Aina” – King Intermediate School

“This Land Is Our Land” – Mid-Pacific Institute

“Love, Appreciate, and Take Care of the Land” – Kawananakoa Middle School


High School:     “Malama the Aina” – Moanalua High School

“Malama Aina” – Hilo High School

“Blessed For This Aina” – Roosevelt High School





Elementary:       “The Skeleton”– Makaha Elementary School

“Meth Equals Death” – Kainalu Elementary School

“Meth is Death” – Ka Waihona o ka Na’auao PCS


Middle School:  “The Meth Effect” – Ewa Makai Middle School

“Addiction Follows You For Life” – King Intermediate School

“Say No!” – Mid-Pacific Institute


High School:     “Texting with Meth”– Kauai High School

“Hawaii Meth Project” – Mililani High School

“Do The Math” – Waianae High School





Elementary:       “The Beatles, Artistic Leaders” – Kainalu Elementary School

“Voyaging in the Pacific” – Maunawili Elementary School

“Hula Ki`i: Hula Puppets” – Sacred Hearts Academy


Middle School:  “American Titan” – Maui Waena Intermediate School

“A Different Home” – Waianae Intermediate School

“Mission Possible” – Honoka’a Intermediate School


High School:     “Live on Leighton” – Moanalua High School

“Angela of ALS” – Maui High School

“Special Needs Screenprinting” – Kapolei High School




Elementary:       “Lunalilo – Hokulea and Malama Honua” – Lunalilo Elementary

“Drive Smart, Ride Safe” – Webling Elementary School

“Newscast about our Superhero” – Alvah Scott Elementary School


Middle School:  “Don’t Be A Drip” – Kalama Intermediate School

“L Building” – Waipahu Intermediate School

“Home Is Where the Heart Is” – Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School


High School:     “Musical Nightmare” – Aiea High School

“Paul Refuses to Fail” – Moanalua High School

“Olelo Hawaii” – Waiʿanae High School





Elementary:       “Bully Bystanders” – Nanaikapono Elementary School

“Stop For Pedestrians” – Nanakuli Elementary School

“Superhero” – Kainalu Elementary School


Middle School:  “Drinking and Driving” – Maui Waena Intermediate School

“Get Up, Get Out, Get Active” – Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School

“Because of You” – Washington Middle School


High School:     “Spelling Bee” – Kauai High School

“A.C.B.A.V.O.D.V.” – Waipahu High School

“You Matter” – McKinley High School




Elementary:       “What is Your Career Lexile” – Kainalu Elementary School

“The Hand” – Makaha Elementary School

“Be Safe When You Drive” – Waikele Elementary School


Middle School:  “I’m Only Human” – Waimanalo Intermediate School

“One Connection” – Waipahu Intermediate School

“Matthew Ka’aha’aina’s Thanksgiving” – Ka Waihona o ka Na’auao PCS


High School:     “Going Home” – Moanalua High School

“Their Voice” – Kauai High School

“Click it Or Ticket” – Mid-Pacific Institute





Elementary:       “PE Does A Body Good” – Pearl Ridge Elementary

“Healthy Hearts = Happy Hearts” – Webling Elementary School

“P.E. Rocks” – Kainalu Elementary School


Middle School:  “P.E. – Physical Education” – Niu Valley Middle School

“Be Active!” – Kawananakoa Middle School

“P.E. – Powerful Education” – Ewa Makai Middle School


High School:     “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work” – Leilehua High School

“Focus In Class But Not At The Clock” – Kaimuki Christian

“Start Living Healthy” – Kauai High School




Elementary:       “CopyCat” – Kainalu Elementary School

“Do Your Best on Your Test” – Hale Kula Elementary School

“Three Little Students” – Kainalu Elementary School


Middle School:  “Taking Assessments Seriously” – Moanalua Middle School

“Prepare Your Best to Take the Test” – Ka Waihona o ka Na‘auao PCS

“Taking Tests Seriously” – Maui Waena Intermediate School


High School:     “Man vs Teenager” – Leilehua High School

“Preparing for the Test” – Mililani High School

“Preparing for the ACT” – Roosevelt High School




Elementary:       “Water’s Not A Toy” – Mililani Waena Elementary School

“Save A Drop It’s Worth A Lot” – Ma’ema’e Elementary School

“Shower Less or Be Showerless” – Waipahu Elementary School


Middle School: “Save Water” – Mid-Pacific Institute

“Conserve Water” – Waipahu Intermediate School

“Drip Drip Drop” – Ewa Makai Middle School


High School:     “Why Waste Wai?” – Kamehameha Schools-Maui

“It Can Save You” – Roosevelt High School

“Value of Water” – Moanalua High School




Elementary:       “My Message To You” – Ka Waihona o ka Na’auao PCS

“2 Lessons of Traffic Safety” – Kalihi-Kai Elementary

“Everyone is a Pedestrian! Tips for Drivers” – Hale Kula Elementary School


Middle School:  “Riding in the Back of a Truck” – King Intermediate School

“The Distracted Pedestrians” – Aliamanu Middle School

“Don’t Let the Keyboard Take the Wheel” – Kawananakoa Middle School


High School:     “Safe Driving PSA” – Kapaa High School

“Don’t Drink, Think” – Mid-Pacific Institute

“Never Too Late” – Mililani High School




“Cyberbullying” – Mid-Pacific Institute

“Take Assessments Seriously” – Waiʿanae Intermediate School

“Plantation Coffee Company” – Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School




“A Metal Challenge” – Maui High School

“The Last Day” – Wai‘anae High School

“Many Rivers One Ocean” – Moanalua High School






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  • Short (5 minute maximum)


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