Nanakuli Community Media Center

Manager: Jimbo Taylor
Hours of Operation:
MON – THU 3p-8p 
Nanakuli High School, 89-980 Nanakuli Waianae HI 96792 |
Contact Us:
Phone: 696-1003 | Email:

Wai’anae means Water (wai) and Mullet (‘anae). Located between Kamaile and Pokai Bay is the mouth of Kaupuni Stream. Here, fresh water meets salt water, generating just the right mixt to produce limu and opae which entices the ‘anae, resulting in an abundance of mullet in the fishpond. The Nanakuli Community Media Center has the right mixture of ho’oma’ama’a (training) and ho’ole’a (pleasing) resulting in an abundance of empowered television producers create a rich media community. The staff at the Nanakuli CMC are active participants in ho’okukulu (building and establishing) the community, seeking to bridge differences by using media and technology as common ground with the goal of strengthening our community.


I used to be the quiet type. I was always hiding in the corner, and I would walk into a room with my head down. But through ‘Ōlelo, I realized I had a lot of potential. I knew it was time for me to blossom as a leader for my community. My self-confidence grew, and I became a better person for it. Coming from Wai’anae, I put my foot down and told myself that I could do something positive in my life and help defy the stereotypes others may have about my community.

— Chasity “Aloha” Davis, Former ‘Ōlelo Wai’anae Intern

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