Māpunapuna Community Media Center

Manager: Wayne Yun
Hours of Operation:
MON 12p-9p | TUE 12p-9p | WED 12p-9p | THU 12p-9p | SAT 12p-9p | SUN 9:30a-6p

1122 Mapunapuna Street, Honolulu, HI 96819 | Map
Contact Us:
Phone: 834-0007 ext. 140 | Fax: 836-2546 | Email: mapunapuna@olelo.org

The Māpunapuna Community Media Center is the oldest of ‘Ōlelo’s Centers located in Central O’ahu. The successes of our Māpunapuna CMC served as the inspiration to create CMCs across O’ahu to ensure easier access for all O’ahu residents. We continue to welcome all community members, as the resources at the Māpunapuna CMC enable individuals, community groups, non-profits, educational institutions and government agencies to share their diverse views.