Kia’i I Ka Leo

If you’ve been to our Mapunapuna Community Center recently, you may have noticed the newest addition to our facility.  Standing at 14 feet high, “Kia’i I Ka Leo” or “Protector of the Voice” was created by ‘Olelo’s very own Les Honda.  By amalgamating Native Hawaiian and modern themes, Les created a digital painting that symbolizes the mission of ‘Olelo Community Media.  The pahu or drum was an important story telling instrument in ancient Hawai’i, often used with religious ceremonies and to announce the arrival of royalty.  The fiber optic cables that envelope the pahu are the way the modern world sends and receives messages and stories.  The Ohi’a tree symbolizes the forest, which was a main resource used in every aspect of Hawaiian life.  Just like the forest provided food, weapons and shelter to the native people, ‘Olelo provides clients with the tools to tell their stories such as cameras, tripods, editing computers and studio space.  Finally, the stars in the background symbolize the journey we all go through in life to tell our stories.