Basic Video Production

Fee: $150
Prerequisite: None
Class time: 24 hours
Covers five production aspects, starting with communication to your target audience through visual storytelling and to your crew with new production vocabulary. We review the Production Process with a quick step-by-step guide through the entire production process. We cannot stress enough how important Pre-Production is. In Production, we introduce W.A.F.F.L.E.S., which is an acronym ‘Ōlelo uses to help clients engage multiple types of recording mediums and increase the chances of acquiring usable footage. Then in Post-Production, we talk about the Power of Editing. ‘Ōlelo uses Final Cut Pro X specifically to go over concepts like file management, pacing of your edits, using layering to increase the depth of your image, and the importance of sound and music. ‘Ōlelo looks at deliverables beyond just transcoding and file formats, but also promotions and competitions.

Fee: $75
Prerequisite: Basic Media Production
Class time: 8 hours
Building upon the Basic Media Production course shows alternate production workflows to accommodate ‘Ōlelo mini studio, or “Live-to-Tape”, productions. Addition of live-switching 3 cameras, graphics, and B-roll by way of TriCaster, LiveText and Robotic Camera training is incorporated in this course.

Fee: None
Prerequisite: None
Class time: 2 hours
Offered at each Community Media Center, based on client demand, we offer production specific workshops.  Ranging from Audio Workshops to Multi Camera Directors Workshops, each CMC will vary according to the communities requests.


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