Capitol Commentary


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Every legislative session, government leaders, community groups, and the public are given the opportunity to address issues and concerns regarding upcoming bills, legislative activity, and various issues via Capitol Commentary. A production team is available at the State Capitol to videotape 5-minute commentaries that are cablecast on our channels as well as made available on our web-based ‘ŌleloNet video-on-demand service.

As an extension of Capitol Commentary, on opening day of the legislature, student video crews interview lawmakers and citizens for a special Youth Capitol Commentary. To reserve a taping session while the legislature is in session, email

From Media Literacy to Civic Participation
“…to be better stewards of our communities, we need to understand the issues that are going on around us. When I was new at ‘Ōlelo, I thought, ‘What’s the point of going to the State Capitol? It’s us versus them.’ But now that I’m involved in my community and have met our legislators, I can also see things from their point of view. I may or may not agree with them,
but now I can understand why certain things are done. The experience allowed me to expand my mind. Once you experience different things, a part of you changes. A part of you grows.”

— Naturalee Puou, Former ‘Ōlelo Wai’anae Intern, Youth Capitol Commentary participant